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Friday, September 7, 2007

Reincarnation, Medicine & Psychiatry

Division of Personality Studies,
Department of Pychiatric Medicine,
University of Virginia, USA

The phenomena of claimed memories of previous lives: possible interpretations and importance - Medical Hypothesis, 2000 54(4): 652-659

Summary: Several disorders or abnormalities observed in medicine and psychology are not explicable (or not fully explicable) by genetics and environmental influences, either alone or together. These include phobias and philias observed in early infancy, unusual play in childhood, homosexuality, gender identity disorder, a child’s idea of having parents other than its own, differences in temperament manifested soon after birth, unusual birthmarks and their correspondence with wounds on a deceased person, unusual birth defects, and differences (physical and behavioral) between monozygotic twins. The hypothesis of previous lives can contribute to the further understanding of these phenomena. For full text journal paper, click on 'Professor Dr. Ian Stevenson"

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