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Friday, September 26, 2008

My New Song: Count The Blessings...

Count the blessings
The rainbow of life
Let's put on a smile
With Joy...

Count the blessings
The fragrance of life
Well-come, well-go
The ripples of life


Magic of life, shiny and bright

Should we be light, with the cravings of life

Magic of life, the fireflies of life

Full of wonders, never better

Count the blessings
The music of life
Melody of Journey
To survive...

Count the blessings
The sunshine of life

Goodbye i say

To the shadows of life


De'Little Ones said...

Hi, Cheng Kar. I thought I have lost you as a friend until I stumble upon your blog. I was browsing through Sg. Long Buddhist Society and saw this link. I was hoping I would be in contact with you again and it is really you. I am so happy. I am from UPM - English Dharma Society - 1st batch. Please do keep in touch with me ellynleow@gmail.com.

aKuan said...

Hi, Dr.Phang! nice song you have here! i wonder if we could hv a mp3version of it!

Dr. Phang Cheng Kar (MD) said...

The song in mp3 format...